Lunar Eclipse Aatrox

Full information about League of Legends skin Lunar Eclipse Aatrox.

Lunar Eclipse Aatrox splash art

Features: Voice Filter, New SFX/VFX, New Animations, New Recall, Chromas

Skin LineEclipse
ReleaseApril 27, 2022
ArtistMarie Magny, West Studio
Price1350 RP
Voice ActorRamon Tikaram
AvailabilityLoot eligible

Lunar Eclipse Aatrox skin Biography

One of the few who took up the mantle of the Eclipse Knights in the days of old, Aatrox hopelessly pined for Kayle’s affections… but she could only ever love the blazing sun. When she devoured it, the entity’s lunar corona consumed him. He exists now as Kayle’s monstrous, once-noble shadow, ever at her side.

Lunar Eclipse Aatrox Chromas

Video in-game chromas League of Legends.

Video Lunar Eclipse Aatrox

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