Original Janna

Features: New visual effects, New sound effects, New animations, New recall, Chromas, Voice Filer

Skin Line
Release Date 2009-09-01
Splash art Artist Jason Chan
Concept artist Unknown
Price 585 RP
Type Epic
Voice Actor Erin Fitzgerald
Loot eligible Yes


League of Legends Original Janna skin – in-game video review. Shows off animations, gameplay and ability effects.

Original Janna skin Biography

Armed with the power of Runeterra’s gales Janna is a mysterious elemental wind spirit who protects the dispossessed of Zaun. Some believe she was brought into existence by the pleas of Runeterra’s sailors who prayed for fair winds as they navigated treacherous waters and braved rough tempests. Her favor and protection has since been called into the depths of Zaun where Janna has become a beacon of hope to those in need. No one knows where or when she will appear but more often than not she’s come to help.  – Official Lore in LoL.

Original Janna Chromas

All available Original Janna chromas. Price: 290 Riot Points for each.

Skin Concept Art

The process of creating concept art for skin Original Janna.

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