Stinger Akali

Full information about League of Legends skin Stinger Akali.

Stinger Akali splash art

Features: New visual effects

Skin LineStinger
ReleaseMay 11, 2010
Splash art ArtistPyeongjun Park
Concept artistibralui – Brahim Bensehoul
Price520 RP
TypeStandard, Legacy
Voice ActorKrizia Bajos
AvailabilityLoot eligible

Video Stinger Akali

In-game Stinger Akali video review.

Stinger Akali skin Biography

The Order of the Great Sparrow Bee follows a brutal, time-honored training regimen, teaching students to sting with the ferocity and ceaselessness of a hornet. Akali is their greatest champion, and she intends to take the art to even greater heights.

Stinger Akali Chromas

Not available Stinger Akali chromas.

Skin concept Stinger Akali

This is my part collaborating with the awesome team at Riot on Akali, had a lot of fun working on this one and i discovered that even googling insects that sting made me sweat a lil bit.
Art direction: Gem lim

Brahim Bensehoul

Concept art source

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