Chroma VFX standards League of Legends

RIOT have published a new standard for chroma in League of Legends. Now depending on the type of skin there will be following changes.

Epic skins chromas (1350 RP)

  • All new textures, including any props during emotes/recalls or 3D elements for abilities (examples: sunbed for Pool Party Caitlyn’s Recall or Gangplank’s barrels Illaoi’s tentacles etc.)
  • Idle glows will be adjusted if default ones are heavily mismatching chroma color scheme (determined on a case by case)
  • No VFX adjustment for emotes, recall, abilities etc.

Legendary skins chromas (1820 RP)

  • All new textures as for Epic skins
  • Idle glows adjusted to match chroma as for Epic skins
  • Changes to emote VFX (joke, taunt, laugh, dance) and recall

Mythic chromas

  • All new textures
  • All new VFX (idle glows, emotes, recall, abilities)

I want to also make it clear that we reserve the right to make some exceptions to the rules above, but these should be rare ones.


As many of you noticed and pointed out, we recently had several problems with keeping Chromas scope consistent with our goals and previous work. This resulted in several chroma sets having recolors on basically everything, which also made you – understandably – pretty excited. This is however unsustainable for our dev team to constantly deliver that amount of vfx per patch. It also clashes with the initial scope of chromas which were that they will only consist of new textures and occasionally have idle glows recolored to match chroma color schemes as necessary.

Historically we didn’t think about chromas for Legendary skins (not to mention Mythic Chromas at that time) and also did not adjust scope for this tier of skins when we finally decided to make chromas also for them, but we wanted to try to do more for chromas for Legendary skins with what we could at the time.

All of the above has led to inconsistencies in what we deliver, while combined with some misconceptions about what is classified as VFX and what is not, and have caused some disappointment.

Therefore, I would like to clear up some things and set a baseline for chromas moving forward.

Now – what does it mean for already released Chromas? (Jul 21, 2022)

In general we will be not retrofitting nor scrapping any VFX from already released chromas. However, we made an exception for Star Guardian Kai’sa: her chromas should be on par with visibility of recolored VFX when compared to Star Guardian Akali (most notably dance and recall) .

While this means that existing inconsistencies remain, we hope to greatly reduce the amount of them for future releases.


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