League of Legends skin sale this week

League of Legends has 15 skins and 5 champions on sale every week with up to 60% off. This is a great opportunity to buy cheap champion skins, the main thing is to keep track of current discounts.

We update this page on a weekly basis so that you can conveniently follow the store update and do not miss your chance.

Sale from 10 October

Sea Dog Yasuo

975 RP (-27 percent off)

Arcana Ryze

975 RP (-27 percent off)

Arcana Xayah

975 RP (-27 percent off)

Dissonance of the Pentakill Viego

944 RP (-30 percent off)

Old God Malphite

810 RP (-40 percent off)

Space Groove Gwen

810 RP (-40 percent off)

PsyOps Viktor

675 RP (-50 percent off)

Blood Moon Katarina

675 RP (-50 percent off)

Little Demon Tristana

675 RP (-50 percent off)

Thunder Lord Ornn

742 RP (-45 percent off)

Star Guardian Janna

877 RP (-35 percent off)

Bilgewater Swain

338 RP (-35 percent off)

Blast Zone Heimerdinger

208 RP (-60 percent off)

Golden Alistar

195 RP (-50 percent off)

Shadow Prince Malzahar

312 RP (-40 percent off)

How do you like the sale, did you buy anything?

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