Monster Tamer Veigar

Full information about League of Legends skin Monster Tamer Lulu.

Monster Tamer Veigar splash art

Features: New SFX/VFX, New Animations, New Recall, Chromas

Skin LineMonster Tamer
ReleaseAugust 24, 2022
Splash art ArtistFortuneee – Fortune Katherine
Price1350 RP
Voice ActorBob Beal
AvailabilityLoot eligible

Stalking prey again?


Monster Tamer Veigar skin Biography

Veigar has big plans. BIG. First, he’ll amass an army of monsters, preferably from the darkest, scariest corners of the land. Then he’ll use the CORE to create a bond with said monsters and amplify their power. Then he’ll take over the world!! Hmm… he might have missed a step.

Monster Tamer Veigar Chromas

All available Monster Tamer Veigar chromas.

Video in-game chromas League of Legends.

Video Monster Tamer Veigar

In-game Monster Tamer Veigar video review.

Splash Art Concept

The process of creating concept splash art for skin Monster Tamer Veigar.

My first official champion splash art for League of Legends! And what a first one to have been lucky enough to get! I can’t wait to paint more Yordles, they’re so cute and fun!

Huge HUGE thanks to the whole splash team for helping me level up my illustration to this level! I look forward to even more growth as I work with such insanely talented folks! <3

Fortune K
Color comps
The process of creating Monster Tamer Veigar splash art


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