Spirit Blossom Darius

Full information about League of Legends skin Spirit Blossom Darius.

Spirit Blossom Darius splash art

Features: New visual effects, New sound effects, New Recall, Chromas

Skin LineSpirit Blossom 2022
ReleaseOctober, 2022
Splash art ArtistWest Studio
Concept artistUnknown
Price1350 RP
Voice ActorChuck Kourouklis
AvailabilityLoot eligible

Video Spirit Blossom Darius

In-game Spirit Blossom Darius video review.

Spirit Blossom Darius skin Biography

Darius’ body fell to the dirt, yet another soldier’s sacrifice. But his soul would not rest. Picking up his axe just as soon as it was knocked from his mortal hand, the Spirit of War arose. A calamity motivated only towards bloodshed, Darius stalks the mortal world, searching for the thrill of battle.

Spirit Blossom Darius Chromas

All available Spirit Blossom Darius chromas.

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