Spirit Blossom Sett

Full information about League of Legends skin Spirit Blossom Sett.

Spirit Blossom Sett splash art

Features: New animations, New visual effects, New sound effects, New Recall, Chromas

Skin LineSpirit Blossom 2022
ReleaseOctober, 2022
Splash art ArtistMarie Magny, West Studio
Concept artistUnknown
Price1820 RP
Voice ActorXander Mobus
AvailabilityLoot eligible

Video Spirit Blossom Sett

In-game Spirit Blossom Sett video review.

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Spirit Blossom Sett skin Biography

Some guide the dead down the path; others tempt them from it. Another still has no allegiances, as his spirit lies in conflict with itself. Born from Kanmei and Akana, Sett lived harmoniously until, abandoned by his father, he sought retribution. Now he can only catch whispers of salvation as he spends his days challenging slain warriors, testing their worth.

Spirit Blossom Sett Chromas

All available Spirit Blossom Sett chromas.

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