Original Ezreal

Features: New visual effects, New sound effects, New animations, New recall, Chromas, Voice Filer

Skin Line
Release Date 2010-03-16
Splash art Artist Suke ‘hugehugesword’ Su
Concept artist Unknown
Price 880 RP
Type Epic
Voice Actor Daniel Amerman
Loot eligible Yes


League of Legends Original Ezreal skin – in-game video review. Shows off animations, gameplay and ability effects.

Original Ezreal skin Biography

A dashing adventurer unknowingly gifted in the magical arts Ezreal raids long-lost catacombs tangles with ancient curses and overcomes seemingly impossible odds with ease. His courage and bravado knowing no bounds he prefers to improvise his way out of any situation relying partially on his wits but mostly on his mystical Shuriman gauntlet which he uses to unleash devastating arcane blasts. One thing is for sure—whenever Ezreal is around trouble isn’t too far behind. Or ahead. Probably everywhere.  – Official Lore in LoL.

Original Ezreal Chromas

All available Original Ezreal chromas. Price: 290 Riot Points for each.

Skin Concept Art

The process of creating concept art for skin Original Ezreal.

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