Original Veigar

Features: New visual effects, New sound effects, New animations, New recall, Chromas, Voice Filer

Skin Line
Release Date 2009-07-23
Splash art Artist Sixmorevodka Studio
Concept artist Unknown
Price 585 RP
Type Epic
Voice Actor Bob Beal
Loot eligible Yes


League of Legends Original Veigar skin – in-game video review. Shows off animations, gameplay and ability effects.

Original Veigar skin Biography

An enthusiastic master of dark sorcery Veigar has embraced powers that few mortals dare approach. As a free-spirited inhabitant of Bandle City he longed to push beyond the limitations of yordle magic and turned instead to arcane texts that had been hidden away for thousands of years. Now a stubborn creature with an endless fascination for the mysteries of the universe Veigar is often underestimated by others—but even though he believes himself truly evil he possesses an inner morality that leads some to question his deeper motivations.  – Official Lore in LoL.

Original Veigar Chromas

All available Original Veigar chromas. Price: 290 Riot Points for each.

Skin Concept Art

The process of creating concept art for skin Original Veigar.

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