Silverfang Akali

Silverfang Akali splash art

Full information about League of Legends skin Silverfang Akali.

Features: New visual effects

Skin LineNo
ReleaseNovember 29, 2011
Splash art Artistizaskun – Jennifer Wuestling
Concept artistUnknown
Price975 RP
Voice ActorKrizia Bajos
AvailabilityLoot eligible

Video Silverfang Akali

In-game Silverfang Akali video review. Skills, effects and gameplay.

Silverfang Akali skin Biography

Former second-in-command of an honorable clan of assassins, Akali has broken from their ranks to find her own path. She plies her trade in the darkest corners of the world’s largest metropolis, awaiting the day when she can establish a clan of her own.

Silverfang Akali Chromas

Not available Silverfang Akali chromas.

Splash Art Concept

The process of creating concept splash art for skin Silverfang Akali.

Rework of Silverfang Akali for her VGU.
Loved working on this version of Akali, with futuristic teenage assassin vibes.
Thanks to my team at Riot for helping me along the way! Got a lot of insight about this skin when I was visiting which helped me a lot. Check out her new update, the model and animations are so cool <3

Jennifer Wuestling
Color variations
Process (animated)
I cut up the image into these masks after deciding on a color version. Same color= same layer, I try to have very few layers only, so just 6 in this case, it speeds ups the whole rendering process.

Concept art source

3D model art

Fun little part I got to do for the Akali VGU in collaboration with the awesome team at Riot. Base design for this one was done by the awesome Justin Albers. Issa fun theme.

Vlad Băcescu

3D Model Art Source

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