Best Alistar skin – tier list

There are a total of 14 skins for Alistair in the League of Legends. Our list will help you choose the best skin to enjoy playing for your favorite champion.

14. Golden Alistar

More info Rated 2/10

It’s basically just a recolor. This skin does not change the effects or any other parts. It looks cheap and simple.

13. Longhorn Alistar

More info Rated 2/10

The skin changes the model to cowboy style. And that’s… that’s it!

12. Matador Alistar

More info Rated 3/10

A bull in a stylish jacket what could be better? For example other modifications, for its price do not recommend this skin.

11. Black Alistar

More info Rated 3/10

Once again, the skin only changes the model. But this is one of the rarest skins in the game! Alas, this is almost his only value.

10. Unchained Alistar

More info Rated 3/10

The skin looks good, but again, the main problem is the lack of effects.

9. Marauder Alistar

More info Rated 3/10

Cool steel look and total lack of effect changes.

8. Infernal Alistar

More info Rated 3/10

The fire theme is always appealing as is this skin. But there’s nothing else besides fire…

7. Sweeper Alistar

More info Rated 4/10

This skin is inspired by the soccer theme. Cool splash art, new model. And no special effects.

6. SKT T1 Alistar

More info Rated 6/10

Created in honor of the winners of the Worlds, this skin has a unique recall. New sound and effects.

5. Blackfrost Alistar

More info Rated 7/10

The black ice theme shows the power of the bull and adds new sound and video effects. The skin also has a chromas.

4. Hextech Alistar

More info Rated 8/10

Hextech Alistair has stunning visuals and elaborate sound. This allows you to fully enjoy playing as a champion.

3. Conqueror Alistar

More info Rated 8/10

The excellent combination of red and gold creates a sense of luxury. Now you can win games not only in gold elo.

2. Lunar Beast Alistar

More info Rated 9/10

This skin is detailed. Especially good are the special effects, which bring a sense of novelty to the game. And what’s worth the new recall!

1. Moo Cow Alistar

More info Rated 10/10

This is the best Alistair skin in the game. The milkman theme fit perfectly with the champion theme. And using a taunt will make the opponent ff as early as 15 minutes. And also an incredible amount of chromas. It is definitely recommended for all mainers and lovers of Alistair.

What’s your favorite skin?

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